Educational work

For the past 20 years, I have been actively engaged in mainstream education at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) in both the UK and Germany. With the mission statement ‘to inspire and motivate young people, particulrly the marginalized, missunderstood and otherwise disadvantaged’ , I have attempted to rehabillitate the sadly tarnished reputation of ‘school music lessons’ with a cocktail of the current, extensive pracical experience, patience and enthusiasm.

English through Music

An alternative method for the aquisition of English language skills, developed in Germany for the elementary years  1 – 6. The project has been used extensively in Berlin schools over the past decade, where Teacher Training workshops introducing the method to the teaching body are also regulrly held. The book ‘English through Music’ a teachers handbook with audio CD is published in Germany and is widely available through all the major suppliers (Amazon, etc) For further detail, please visit the website: http://www.

Youth work

With technology and motivation it has been possible to awaken a large number of potential talent, able to approach music making without years of instrumental practice or theoretical training. Based in the district of Reinickendorf and with the support of the Local Authority, a wide range of activites have been successfully carried out. At the macro level, these include the co-organisation and musical direction of several major music and arts festivals (‘Atlantis- the Island Party’ 1997,  “Brave New World’ 1999)  and the highly acclaimed ‘Band Exchange’ in 2000.  At the micro level, I have been based in local youth clubs  promoting musicianship with a regular ‘open music room’ offering training in instrumental skills, stagecraft, beat production and compostion. This work usually results in a CD production and record release concert,  most notable listed below:

1. Metronom CD 1997  2. ‘Atlantis – the Island Party’ CD 1997  3. Fuchsbau CD 1998  4. Metronom ‘Heartbeat’ CD 1999  5. DRK Berlin CD 2000  6.  AKM ‘Carpet Radio’ CD 2001  7. AKM ‘Worksessions’ CD 2002   8. AKM ‘Audiophil’ CD 2003  9. AKM  ‘Worksessions’ CD  2005  10. Fuchsbau ‘Room for Music’ CD 2008


For many years now, I have been exploring the world of writing free from consideration of rhyme and rhythm. As well as a collection of ecclectic poems (potential lyrics that never found melodic spouses) I have written an, as yet unpublished book entitled ‘Discovering Local prehisory – around Berlin’, based on extensive research covering the State of Brandenburg and another recounting boyhood memories of life in Stratford-on-Avon. I have published (essentially to an academic audience) papers on Landscape Conservation (1993), Sustainable Tourism (1994) and Trends in tertiary music education  (2009)

for further information on ‘Discovering Local Prehistory’ please visit the website: