I’ve been in many bands and played with some great musicians over the years.

They include John Bonham, Jim Capaldi and Steve Broughton on drums, Pete Tolson, Tom Nordon and Lee Evans on Guitar. I’ve had a number of my own bands, covering many styles from jug band and acoustic guitar duo to Jazz-funk and country-rock and am honored to have shared the stage with Germany’s star drummers: Wölli Rhode, Christian Evans, Hansi Behrend and DJ Templeton.

I’ve written songs that have been recorded by many international artists, including Sally Oldfield, Justin Hayward and Peter Maffay. My recent exploits with Hip-Hop composition and production include the first single release by the German rapper Sido.

And, guess what, I’m still having fun.

England (1963 – 1973)

Terry Web and the Spiders (1963-1965)
Jim Capaldi, then John Bonham on drums

Vitreous China – Jug Band (1967-1970)
Radio, TV, Press, LP „Clean ‚round the Bend”

Begin solo acoustic performance (1970-1972)
London, Frankfurt-am-Main, New York

Orange – acoustic guitar duo (1972-1973)
Jon Shaw, then trio with Dave Taylor

Invitation to Hagelberger Str.
Berlin Americans met in London

Berlin (1973 – 1977)

Henn, Style, Merklin, de Bastion (1973 -1974)
LP „To our friends in prison“ prod. Jack White. German tours

Solo Artist Contract with Hansa
various releases incl. Peter Maffay

Ginger – acoustic trio (1974 -1975)
with Erwin Brühn (voc, g), Hansi Behrend (perc), RdeB  (voc, g)

Solo tour USA (Dec 1975-May 1976)
incl. Classic NY Folk venues CBGB’S, Folk City, etc.

Barita – acoustic quartet (1976 -1977)
with Peter Henn, Hannjörg Merklin, Wölli Rohde, RdeB

Anyway – Jazz-rock-funk (1977)
with Conni Göckel (k), Walter Schneider (g), Peter Kuchholz (b), Gonzo (dr), RdeB (voc, k)

 ‘Full Circle’ Concept LP(1977)
with Anyway and Chris Evans (dr), Hans-Dieter Lorenz (b), Joe Kuchera (sax) and others

England (1978 – 1980)

Edgar Broughton Band
LP “Parlez Vous English?” and other releases, European Touring

Berlin (1980 – 1990)

Joe Blow – rock (1980)
with John Thomas (voc, g), Steve Miller (b), Bob Howell (d), RdeB (voc, k)

Guest Keyboards (1980 -1983)
Bel Ami, Twins, Else Nabu, Rozzay, Sally Barker

Asphalt Nacht (1980)
Film Production feat. RdeB and other Berlin musicians

Anyway 2 – stage musical (1982 – 1983)
with Daniella Sonntag, Lee Gates & Hidegun (voc) Hakki Werk (g), Eddie Seidler (b), Mattias Kaebs (dr), Turhan Gezer (perc) and others. RdeB (voc, k)

‘That’s Life’ Vinyl LP Release (1987)
with and Chris Evans (dr), Hans-Dieter Lorenz (b), Hakki Werk & Tom Nordon (g), Ingo Bischof (k), Ramesh Weeratungs, Ron Randolf & Hannjörg Merklin (bv), RdeB (voc, k, g)

Song writing collaboration (1986-1989)
with Ramesh Weeratunga and Mattias Härtl. Various releases incl. Sally Oldfield LP “Instincts”

England (1990 – 1997)

Gayle Warning Band – rock
with Mandy Evans (voc), John Gainer (sax), Tim Chimes (dr), Andy Norman (b), Jim Batty (g), later, Lee Evans (g), RdeB (k, bv)

Berlin (1997 – present)

Gayle Warning Band – on tour in Berlin (1995, 1996, 1997)
with Mandy Evans (voc), John Gainer (sax), Hansi Behrend (dr), Lee Evans (g), Dek Decker (b). RdeB (k, bv)

Atlantis Festival – CD “Atlantis Island Party” (1997)
1000 young actors on Scharfenberg Island in Berlin with, among others “Quantum Leap” feat. Roxanne, “New Beat Street” feat, Sido

Brave New World Festival (1999)
500 young actors in Raboma Hall, Berlin

Band Exchange (2000)
Berlin bands “Pastime” and “Sofaplanet” meet Coventry bands “Tris Spencer” and “Swamp Donkey” for exchange home and away gigs

Hagelberger CD Release (1996)

John Vaughan Band (2000-2007)
with John Vaughan (voc, g) Saxophone Joe Kuchera, Tommi Goldschmidt (perc) RdeB (voc, piano)

English through Music – Deutsch lernen mit Musik (2005, 2006)
Published teaching method with audio CD, Auerverlag

Five Alive (2002)
EP with 5 songs (solo + acoustic guitar)

Berlin Artists (2006)
FAB TV appearance with John Vaughan

Berlin Artists (2007)
FAB TV appearance solo

Open E (2008)
EP with 5 songs (solo + acoustic guitar)

Relaunch of solo performances:
Touring in Germany and UK
Balcony TV performance (2009)

Live internet streaming including:
Bluebird Café Berlin, June 2009
Deichradio, Mar 2010
Arthur e.V. Chemnitz, Mar 2011
Deichradio, Aug 2011, May 2016

‘Sixtyfour’ (2012)
Album with 6 guitar and 5 piano songs, Recorded and produced by Tom Nordon, Released on BCB Records

‘It’s about time’ (2017)
Album with 10 songs Recorded in L14 Studios Berlin, co-production Johannes Plank

Concerts Archive

2019 _

09.05. The Shakespeare Pub, Herdecke
10.05. CoWiCo, Bonn
20.05. Kastanienwäldchen, Berlin
29.06. Sing & Song Festival, Meißen
24.08. Kulturversteck, Berlin

2018                                                       _

27.09. Rickenbackers, Berlin
21.11. 81 Renshaw, Liverpool
22.11. Leaf, Liverpool Beatles White Album 50th birthday party

2017                                                       _

06.04. Vinyl Reservat, Göttingen
07.04. Conny’s Binding, Wetzlar,
08.04. Bistro Journal, Schwanewede
22.04. Dodo, Berlin

11.05. Fiddlers Pub, Bonn
12.05. Wie im Himmel, Düsseldorf
13.05. Cowico, Bonn
14.05. Cafe Kultur Lichtung, Köln
15.05. Folk Club Witten, Witten

25.05. Aristocrat, Aylesbury
26.05. View 2 Gallery, Liverpool
28.05. The Tin Music & Arts, Coventry
30.05. The Troubadour, London
31.05. Blue Check, London

17.06. Sing Song Festival, Meißen
21.06. Pfarrhof, Bad Schmiedeberg
22.06. Muhlkeller, Leipzig
23.06. Jugendscheune, Lindow         with Die Lieder-Tour
24.06. Kulturhof, Tröchtelborn          with Die Lieder-Tour
25.06. Weingut Pfeifer & Frick, Goseck

06.08. Listening Room, Copenhagen
07.08. Mojo’s, Copenhagen
09.08. Tjili Pop, Copenhagen

26.08. Talstr Hoffest, Meißen
14.10. Kulturversteck, Berlin

2016                                                     _

03.02. Ale House, Stratford-on-Avon, UK

07.02. The Tin Coventry, UK

09.02.Townhouse Leamington Spa, UK

15.02. Reform Pilton Barnstable, UK

23.02. The Wild Boar Warwick, UK

27.02. Casa Ilse Düsseldorf, DE

06.05. Folk Club Bonn Bonn, DE

07.05. Pini’s Jazzkeller Düsseldorf, DE

08.05.The Fiddlers Bonn, DE

27.05. Helheim Leipzig, DE

28.05. das Klosterfest Meißen, DE

02.07. Louis Braille Festival Marburg, DE

o4.08. Jacaranda Liverpool, UK

05.08. Leaf on Bold Street Liverpool, UK

10.12. Sax*11 Studios Meißen, DE                                                                                                                                                                                                     


15.03. Luzerner Musikzimmer
Berlin, DE

20.03. Buchbar
Dresden, DE

21.03. Sax11Studios
Meissen, DE

30.03. The Monday Club
Liverpool, UK

04.04. Abraxas
Düsseldorf, DE

25.04. Kulturversteck Tegel
Berlin, DE

10.05. Dodo Kreuzberg
Berlin, DE

17.06. Art Gallery
Budapest, HU

18.07. Sing & Song Festival
Meissen, DE

18.09. Bistro Journal
Schwanewede, DE

21.09. Wittenfolk
Witten, DE

23.09. Pfarrhof
Bad Schmiedeberg, DE

24.09. Mühlkeller
Leipzig, DE


7th March Bistro Journal
Schwanewede, DE

8th March Cafe de Fiets
Bremerhaven, DE

26th April Dodoverein
Berlin, DE

9th May Song Art Bar
Chemnitz, DE

10th May Sax 11 Studios
Meißen, DE

11th May zum Gerücht
Dresden, DE

23rd May View Two Gallery
Liverpool, UK

27th June Nörgelbuff
Göttingen, DE

28th June Cafe Ententeich
Weilburg, DE

29th June Haus Gerike
Marburg, DE

1st July Cafe Lounge Jasmin
Frankfurt, DE

2nd July Kultur Café Lichtung
Köln, DE

4th July Abraxas
Düsseldorf, DE

5th July Weinbar Paradiso
Bremen, DE

16th July Piano Bar
Bad Schmedeberg, DE

22nd July Brauhaus Sudstern
Berlin, DE

Liedertour-Straßenmusikfest 2014
12th September 18:00 – 20:00
Pariser Platz, Berlin, DE
13th September 14:00 – 16:00
Nikolaikirchhof, Leipzig, DE

2nd October Klavierreich
Reichelsheim, DE

3rd October Goldene Krone
Darmstadt, DE

4th October Abraxas
Düsseldorf, DE

8th October Ufer Café
Berlin, DE

27th December Dio’s Music Cafe
Berlin, DE


03 January Helheim
Leipzig, DE

04 February Music Club Live
Hamburg, DE

01 May Kunsthofgohlis
Dresden, DE

24 May Bistro Journal
Schwanewede, DE

27 June  Lomax
Liverpool, UK

29 June  Shootpool
Aylesbury, UK

02 July  Nr 10 Cafe Bar
Bridport, UK

04 July  Lomax
Liverpool, UK

11 August  Soupanova
Berlin, DE

29 August  Pfarrhaus
Bad Schmiedeberg, DE

30 August  Lene Voigt Park Festival
Leipzig, DE

11 September  Ceol Bar
Brooklyn, New York, USA

14 September  Path Cafe
Manhatten, New York, USA

24 September  Freundlich und Kompetent
Hamburg, DE

25 September  Waldfrieden Connewitz
Leipzig, DE

26 September  Mühlstrasse e.V.
Leipzig, DE

04 October  Bonn Folk Club
Bonn, DE

06 October  Cafe Lichtung
Köln, DE

21 October  Zimmer 16
Berlin, DE


June 01  Tempodrom
Berlin, DE

June 22  Nörgelbuff
Gottingen, DE

June 23  Destille
Düsseldorf, DE

June 24  Kulturcafe Lichtung
Köln, DE

June 26  12 Bar Club
London, UK

June 27  Hawthorn Hotel
Glastonbury, UK

June 30  The Royal Portland Arms
Portland, UK

July 01  Red Lion
Somerton, UK

July 06  Cambridge Folk Club
Cambridge, UK

July 20  Kunsthofgohlis
Dresden, DE

August 26  Cafe Bilderbuch
Berlin, DE

October 20  Kulturkneipe FloMaLa
Waren an der Müritz, DE