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Houston, Texas, 12.02.17  We have just listened to your amazing tune FALLING INTO PLACE. You have a God-given talent and we will be following your inevitable future successes!!!! it’s an honor to be your friends & fans.




the second track the way you love me’, published 17th May 2017, video by Graeme Maguire


There is other music you can buy, preferably by contacting me directly

the CD ‘SIXTYFOUR‘  (released 2012) also available as digital download on most platforms, In October 2016  ‘Bully the kid’ went straight to Nr 1 in a German chart and remained there for 4 weeks.

the CD ‘OPEN E‘ (released 2008) ‘UROK’ performed live on Balcony TV

the vinyl LP THAT’S LIFE‘ (released 1987) also available as digital download on most platforms and as CD on CDbaby.com

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